If I could only be defined in one way, it would be as a facilitator of communication, because my main motivation has always been to help people understand each other (although it would be a shame to leave out of this definition my great curiosity about everything around me). Being a granddaughter, daughter and niece of medical professionals, my biggest dream was to become a doctor. But life had other plans and, due to different circumstances, I ended up pursuing an education in what I was best at: philosophy of language, science and logic.

During university I began my studies in Chinese culture and language and with them came my first contact with the world of translation. In 2003 I collaborated with my teacher at the time, Pilar González España, on the translation of one of the poems of her book Poemas del río Wang de Wang Wei (“Wang Wei’s Wang river poems”), published by Trotta in 2004 and which was a finalist in the Spanish National Translation Award in 2005.

Since then I have not stopped translating, mainly technical and scientific texts, or training (in translation, specialized medical translation, medicine for translators...). And, slowly but surely, fate, so fickle, which had deprived me of my childhood dream, naturally led me back to it through medical translation.

Whay work with me?

  • For the direct interaction: you will have the possibility to communicate with me at all times, to know how the project is going, to address any questions or to make sure that the final text meets the desired characteristics, style and tone. Avoiding intermediaries means avoiding mistakes.

  • For quality assurance: my training and experience are extensive, but no one can know everything. I can provide

very good quality in almost every field, but I only accept projects where I can guarantee the highest quality.


  • To be free of problems: one of the things I have learned in all these years is to quickly understand the needs of my clients. This allows me to identify and anticipate possible problems and to find effective solutions.

  • Because you hire not only my knowledge and skill, you also hire the passion that drives me in all my projects.

  • Because your project is not the important thing – you are. Now more than ever, in an increasingly globalized and impersonal world, human relationships, direct contact between people, are what distinguish the excellence and authenticity of each business.

Comments from some of the people who have worked with me

Thoroughly professional and an excellent translator. On-time deliveries, perfect communication skills and just an amazing person to work with! One of the best translators in the market!

Khaled Hamdan, The Localize.


She is a very good translator that we still intend to engage with as we can. She is prompt, has great quality, easy to work with, and very considerate.

Melissa Meyer, Barbier International


It was a real pleasure to work with Concepción. Great quality work and strict fulfillment of deadlines. I'll work again with her for sure!

Rodrigo Arenas, Orbitech