Medical translation is one of the most specialized fields of translation. Medical translation has a very complex, very precise and, above all, very rich vocabulary. But to translate correctly in this field, it is also essential to have knowledge of medicine and experience with the different registers and types of text. You have come to the right place if you need:


  • Medical reports

  • Product or drug datasheets

  • Instruction books

  • Informed consent documents

  • Publications

              of academic articles

              of research

              of informational texts

              aimed at a non-specialist audience


Whether the text has been previously translated, is an original text or needs to be adapted in some way.

Rates and payment

Quotes, which are always free of charge, will explicitly include the rates that apply, as well as the applicable taxes. Rates are applied per word (with the exception of Chinese, which is applied per character) and depend on factors such as the complexity of the text, the format of the original file, the deadline and the length of the text.

I prefer payments to be made by bank transfer but please ask me if you need an alternative form of payment. I usually request half of the fee before I start translating and the other half after the work is delivered. However, I can consider other payment arrangements. Do not hesitate to consult me and explain your needs.